The damage caused by pest birds in Australia is a huge and growing problem for our broad acre, horticultural, fruit and vegetable industries. If nothing is done to scare them away, pest birds can quickly destroy an entire crop. This damage represents significant losses to our farmers. In our Horticultural industries alone, pest birds are estimated to cause in excess of $300 million worth of damage each year !
Not only that pest birds cause damage and are a nuisance in our parks, gardens, home veggie patches, shopping centres, at sporting events and outdoor gatherings and to boats and pleasure craft.
They pose a serious threat to aviation, particularly from bird strikes at landing and take-off.
There are numerous pest birds (including Pigeons / DovesStarlingsCrowsSparrows, etc) with most methods to protect against or discourage them rarely effective and often harmful to the environment and beneficial fauna.

Current control measures vary in their effectiveness. The traditional scarecrow is lifeless and static. Pest birds get used to them quickly, so their effectiveness is short-term. Noise based systems, like gas guns are upsetting to neighbors and chemical treatments and poisons often have unacceptable consequences on beneficial insects and the natural environment.

Other control methods used to get rid of pest birds such as falconers or protective netting are restrictive, labour intensive and expensive.
This is why the SCARYBIRD Bird Deterrent System was created. Scarybird is a new concept in the ecological management of pest birds. At the heart of this deterrent system is a raptor shaped kite which mimics the flight of a bird of prey. In the wild the main predators of pest birds are birds of prey, i.e. eagles, hawks & falcons. From observations of bird behaviour, it is clear that when raptors are around, pest birds quickly disappear and are no-where to be seen. Compared to other bird deterrent products, Scarybird is a simple, effective and affordable solution. Importantly it is 100% environmentally friendly. Birds are frightened off, they are not injured or killed. While no scaring tool can ever be considered 100% effective, Scarybird will go a long way to helping reduce losses from bird damage. While effective as a stand alone product it is most effective when used in conjunction with other methods of deterrence & as part of an overall strategic approach to bird management.

How does it work?

At the heart of the Scarybird system is a raptor shaped kite, tethered to a telescopic pole. The kite mimics the flight of a bird of prey, constantly altering its course (speed, height, hovering), and in the process scaring pest birds away. At the slightest breath of wind (less than 2km/h), it takes-off and flies randomly through the sky.

Unlike fixed scarecrow systems, the random nature of SCARYBIRD's flight path, makes pest birds very nervous and wary of its presence, mistaking it for a hunting predator.


Where can I use it?

SCARYBIRD is intended for a wide range of applications and for use by both Professionals and Individuals who suffer the damage caused by pest birds: crows, starlings, pigeons, blackbirds, sparrows, gulls, seagulls, magpies... and who wish to use an environmental friendly control method to protect their crops, garden, equipment etc. 

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It can be used in :
  Broad Acre Crops
Use in cultivated fields to protect your crops and seeds… for all spring and autumn crops and standing crops which can be attacked by birds. The system effectively intimidate magpies, crows, pigeons...
In orchards against bird attacks on soft flesh fruits such as apricot, cherry, grape, peach ... birds such as starlings, blackbirds and magpies are fond of sweet fruits! Ten birds attacking a cherry tree at the same time can destroy it within minutes. Our flying scarecrow scares them off before that happens!
Vineyards are a favourite target of starling invasions. The device is particularly effective against these pest birds. Starlings live in groups of thousands of birds and can destroy entire vineyards. SCARYBIRD is an effective way to protect your grapes against attacks.
Agricultural tarpaulins used for protecting silage, hay, etc.
Agricultural tarpaulins for silage, corn, etc. suffer substantial damage from birds beaks, especially crows and starlings. These birds have highly developed sight and highly intelligent so get used quickly to static scarecrows. Our solution of random flight raptor allows you to frighten them and avoid getting holes in your tarps
For gardens and veggie patches
Ever had your peas, beans, lettuce and tomatoes ravaged by doves and pigeons, SCARYBIRD is an effective solution to protect your garden and vegetable crops.
Outdoor Poultry farms
Outdoor/Free range poultry farms are frequently targeted by foraging birds, eg crows or gulls will regularly attack ducks and chickens and eat their food. Against these attacks, the raptor is the solution to protect your outdoor animals.


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  • Scarybird can be set up, moved and broken down in minutes. Set up involves 4 simple steps:
    • Knock in the fibre glass stake halfway into the ground at the desired location, free of obstacles.
    • Retract and lock in the sections of the telescopic pole.
    • Assemble the kite and attach it to the top of the pole.
    • Place the pole on the stake and its ready to go.
  • The kite is designed to take-off in low wind condition conditions (less than 2 km/h) but choose a location not too sheltered from the wind and distant from buildings.
  • Take down the scarecrow in strong wind conditions (more than 45 km/h) or in anticipation of a storm.
  • Install the Scarybird in an obstacle free area, making sure there are no obstacles close to the take-off area. Be aware that in stronger winds, the outer radius of flight increases as the telescopic pole bends.
  • To prevent pest birds getting too used to Scarybird it must be moved every 5 to 7 days. This is done by simply removing the pole, pulling out the stake & re-locating it 3 to 4 metres away.
  • When not required and to maximise the kite’s life span, Scarybird should be stored in a dry location away from sunlight

Technical information

  • 1 Raptor shaped Kite made of Nylon UV size 155x56 cm with 3 fiberglass rods.
  • 1 Nylon string 2.50 m with 2 high-strength steel swivels.
  • 1 Telescopic Fibreglass pole with rubber caps at each end
  • 1 Fibreglass knock in ground post
  • 1 Carry Bag.

Total weight of the set = 3.6 Kg

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