Scares pest birds away


Damage caused by pest birds is a serious problem ....

... in broad acre crops, fruit trees, vegetables, vineyards, home gardens, veggie patches, to aviation, boats, tarps, at sporting and outdoor events .... etc

To tackle the problem in an ecologically friendly, cost effective way the SCARYBIRD Bird Deterrent System was created.

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Pest Birds


Raven and crow

Raven encompass several species of crow or Jackdaw, it belongs to the species Corvus (Corvidae).


Pigeon/ Dove

Pigeons belong to columbidae species (Columba), they are found on all continents. They feed on seeds but also waste



Starlings belong to the Stumidae species. The most harmful is European starling (Stumus Vulgaris) that has invaded most parts of the globe. This adaptable bird is considered as a pest bird in all countries where it has been introduced.



Sparrow belongs to the species of passeridae. The pest species most encountered is the house sparrow. It was unintentionally introduced into the world by man.

Cost effective, ecological protection

against pest birds

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